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Have you been looking for a way to lose weight and stay slim? Have you ever considered hypnosis? To many Hypnosis might seem like a party trick, but more and more people are turning to the mind-control practice to help them make better choices and lose weight. Hypnosis can benefit anyone trying to find a gentle method of losing weight and make healthy eating a habit. If you are expecting a quick fix; this is not the choice for you. However, if you are think of a lifestyle change, then we invite you to Southeast Hypnosis Center if you are in Almeda, Texas. Changing difficult ideas about food will take time and you will have to work hard to preserve new healthy habits. Hypnosis works for more than just weight loss; it can help you deal with stress and anxiety, manage pain and it can help you stop smoking.

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Southeast Hypnosis Center we help clients to take control of their lives in order to live the healthy life they want. Hypnosis is a collective practice and the client should be informed and comfortable every step of the way. So if you are interested in Losing Weight with Hypnosis and you live in the Almeda area, you should stop by the Southeast Hypnosis Center. We offer a free screening to see if hypnosis will work for you. We offer this free screening to everyone in Chocolate Springs TX To read more about Weight Loss through Hypnosis you must go to our services page.

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How STRESS directly affects your weight

Chronic tension alters hormones like adrenaline, corticotropin and cortisol, which can increase your appetite and make you store more fat.

Normally, cortisol peaks in the morning, then decreases throughout the day. But a multi-center study found that women facing stresses at home often fail to show a drop in cortisol in the evening. That’s when you’re likely to turn to high-carb, high-calorie snacks for the soothing serotonin they trigger.

Better, when the stress is getting to you, listen to your favorite music, or go outside for some “eco-therapy” (aka: a walk!) advises Kathleen Hall, PhD., founder of The Stress Institute in Atlanta. What may be most effective of all: concentrate on something you’re grateful for.

“It’s psychologically impossible to be grateful and stressed at the same time because the two emotional states of mind release different types of hormones”, says Hall.

Remember: your state of mind controls your thoughts and your thoughts control your actions. Ask your hypnotist for more information on how to use self-hypnosis to reduce your stress level.

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